Affiliate REFERRAL Program

As an active Matomy Affiliate you can benefit when affiliates you refer sign up and start generating revenue with us.


your unique referral URL
with your affiliate friends
from their valid revenue with Matomy
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* Referral program is available only for New Referred Affiliates. "New Referred Affiliates" means a referred affiliate that has opened an account in Matomy Market platform for the first time, or an affiliate that was inactive in Matomy Market platform for the last 12 months and opened a new account. * Referral program commissions will be calculated according to 4% out of the New Referred Affiliate commissions. * Referral program commissions will be calculated based on valid (approved and/or paid) lead as shall be determined solely by Matomy, and shall not include any unapproved, fraudulent, non-compliant transactions or any transactions which are subject to chargebacks or other clawback. * The referring affiliate will be entitled for the described extra commission duration the 12 months following the date such New Referred Affiliate registration was approved by Matomy. * Referral program commissions will be added to the referring affiliate invoice as "special payment" and will be paid together with the nearest commission payment due the affiliate within 60 days from the end of the applicable month. * The approval of a New Referred Affiliate is subject to the Matomy Market T&Cs.