Find Your Future Customers with Predictive Marketing
Taking similar and lookalike audiences to a whole new level, Matomy uses machine-learning and predictive marketing to transform users into customers. Our technology enables us to analyze your best users, understand their DNA and identify the right media in real time, to create the most profitable and cost-effective campaigns on Facebook, Google, and Twitter.
Deep Data User Analysis

Gain actionable insights on the highest-quality users with existing and real-time data collected from internal, social and third-party data providers.

Customer Classification

Identify the key characteristics of your best customers with our in-house data mining and machine-learning technology.

Precise Targeting

Rank and target the most relevant users for your business, based on predicted lifetime value, ROI, and more.

Cross-Channel Optimization in Real Time

Use cross-channel analysis and optimization to ensure your campaigns are launched across the most profitable channels

Let us blow your mind with powerful insights about your users that will help you boost ROI.
We will conduct a free analysis of your user base and prepare a customized strategy to help
you scale and improve your campaigns.

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Matomy (LSE:MTMY) is a world-leading media group offering smart advertising solutions
across channels with a personalized approach. Using our proprietary technology, our team
of experts is here for you every step of the way, from planning and creative through targeting
and optimization, to achieve and exceed your desired results.