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Get your app in the hands of thousands of new users with Matomy’s end-to-end ASO solution.

What our ASO solution
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Better organicapp storesearch results
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Did you know that 63% of consumers find apps through app store search?
But over 80% of all apps are rarely seen in search.
With more than 3 million apps in the app stores, you want to make sure your app rises to the top of your category.
WHAT’s included in your ASO Plan?
Our expert team of ASO specialists will work side-by-side with you to create a customized
strategy based on your app’s title, description, ranking, competitors, and keywords.
Your plan includes:

App Listing Optimization

Improve your search results with high-converting keywords, title, content, tags, product descriptions, screenshots, and videos.

Ongoing App Analysis & Optimization

Boost your conversion rates with high-quality link building, better ratings, and quality reviews. Ongoing analysis of competitive landscape shifts and continuous improvements to your app listings will ensure higher performance and continued growth.

Social Media Strategy

Increase organic downloads and retention by creating buzz on social media and online publications.

Why put so much effort into creating an amazing app if no one will find it in the app stores?
Go the extra mile and make sure your app gets discovered and installed.
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search visibility and drive more downloads.

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